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Things to Do in Murphy, NC

Waterfalls near Murphy, NC

Hiking in North Carolina is incredibly fun, with rolling hills, exciting lookouts, and forest foliage paving your path. At the end of most hikes, you'll find waterfalls that will boggle your mind. Check out some of the most popular hikes in our corner of North Carolina.

Appalachian Driving Experience

One of the most popular things to do near Murphy is ride the many scenic trails that run through North Carolina.  But what if you want to do it...in style? Rent your very own Porsche for a fun ride on Blueridge Parkway, the Appalachian Trail, and more! It's a wholly unique experience that will leave you feeling the power and excitement of driving a sports car.

Hiwassee River

Fans of water sports will be pleasantly surprised to know that the Hiwassee River is open for business. You can go kayaking, tubing, rafting, and fishing in this wide river. If you love the idea of cruising down a rushing river, this is the attraction for you!